About Me

Palm Springs 2015 025
 Hello! My name is Melissa Kazymyra. I am a fourth year student at The University of Regina. I am currently in the education program in the elementary (Pre-K-5). I am very passionate about human rights, and equality/ equity, and the importance of education.
I actively follow two particular organizations: Pencils Of Promise and I AM THAT GIRL. POP fundraises to build schools for children in need, and I would like to be involved in a volunteer trip with them in the future. IATG is an organization that empowers girls to express themselves and empower one another. I think both these organizations are so important and are helping to create a better world.
This year I interned in a Grade 4/5 classroom at Arcola Community School. I had an amazing experience and cannot wait to see how I can grow as an educator. Knowledge is power, and I am excited to see how I can use my power  to better our world and the classroom.
Click here to view my Teaching Philosophy ! teaching-philosophy-ecs-200

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