My Digital Identity?!

Digital Identity… It’s a scary thought that I can simply be judged from what is posted about me on the internet. Am I responsible for something I have posted when I was thirteen? It’s scary to think I could be judge from something I posted at 12 or 13 years old.. I’m sure others feel the same way, am I responsible for what I posted at the age of 13? Granted for the most part of what I posted at the age of 13 were some terrible mirror pictures along with some lame tweets. Not too bad right?

Now I have to be concerned what I have out there on the internet now, so I did a little google search of myself in incognito mode. Super stealthy… Right?! Personally I didn’t find much that concerned me. When I google myself I find a few pictures, my twitter, and campaigns I have donated to. For what I found I feel pretty comfortable with what I post on the internet. I try to be pretty careful with what I post and what I am tagged in, but granted I am sure theres a few things I could find that need to be removed.

I was actually not surprised to learn others have multiple social media accounts because I do as well. I often find on certain accounts you will be judged or your followers/friends will not be interested in what you are sharing or posting. I have accounts for teaching related stuff, personal related stuff etc. I find it an easier way to navigate social media and still have it be enjoyable for me.

What are your thoughts on multiple social media accounts? Let me know!