Learning Project

Learning More Than One Thing…

Over this online course my initial learning project was to do HIIT circuit workouts. If you are curious about those you can take a look at my earlier posts. This journey definitely had some struggles and I was not perfect, but I learned a lot and not only about workouts. I learned how to care and fuel my body, and things that I found help aid me to having a better workout. Here are a few things I’ve learned along side my learning project:

1. Fueling my body

Throughout this project I have learned if I did not properly fuel my body my workouts and energy would suffer a lot. I would not have the energy nor desire to keep up with my routine. I learned what I needed to thrive was small snacks every few hours, and healthy snacks. Some of my favourite snacks: apple & peanut butter, protein pb balls, and egg whites.

2. Fueling my mind

Throughout this project I also learned the importance of seeking motivation and guidance from others. Whether that be through the online community or family and friends it help in staying focused. I found advice and tips through a large online community that was very essential.

3. Proper Form

I learned that not everything you do, do you get it right the first time. I struggled through certain aspects of this project and was not one hundred percent successful. I learned that during exercises doing them properly is so important to prevent injury. I did my best at doing this by looking at photos and videos of professionals to help me.

4. My Essentials

I learned that there are a few things that either make or break my workouts. I learned that music is a major thing that motivates me and allows me to enjoy my workouts. It can push me to work harder. I learned that proper attire is essential, if I wasn’t comfortable it showed.

5. Stress Relief

I have learned through my workouts, that it is a major stress reliever for myself, and I am calmer and relaxed after doing so.


My end results? Yes I feel stronger, and more fit. Am I perfect? Nope. I am still learning and continue to learn for about myself and what works for me. I am learning what I enjoy about exercise and what I don’t enjoy. There has been ups and downs. I am still going and working on becoming stronger in my body and mind.





1 thought on “Learning More Than One Thing…”

  1. Hey Melissa, I think you took away a lot of important steps in reaching your goal. There are so many opportunities to learn from the internet about health. Great job! I hope it has given you the insight to continue onward. -Brooklynn


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