ECS 210

A Summary of My Learning

I learned so much throughout this semester, and it has shaped who I will become as teacher. I have learned so much about curriculum and treaty ed, which will definitely help me in the future. Looking back on all of my blog posts I can see the growth in myself, and how I challenged myself and… Continue reading A Summary of My Learning

ECS 210

Gender in the Classroom

A major concern I have in my future classroom is dealing with gender and breaking free of biases. Unknowingly we will often treat girls and boys different, and in reality, there should be no difference. We should be trying to treat our students equitably regardless of gender.  I remember in my classroom being treated different… Continue reading Gender in the Classroom

ECS 210

Should we be following ‘The Tyler Rationale’?

The Tyler Rationale focuses on four questions: 1. What educational purposes should the school seek to attain? 2. What educational experiences can be provided that are likely to attain these purposes? 3. How can educational experiences be effectively organized? 4. How can we determine whether these purposes are being attained? In my own experience I… Continue reading Should we be following ‘The Tyler Rationale’?