Week 6! The Ballet!

This week was an exciting week as there was a field trip happening that day! I was super excited to see how field trips ran at the school and how hard it is to manage. We got to take our class to the Riddell centre to see the Youth Ballet Company and the whole class was very excited. It was very interesting to see how bussing went and getting everyone organized, because I had only ever seen it as student and not a teacher. It was an awesome experience to see how useful field trips are for students and how much they enjoy them. After the ballet we did a little writing assessment activity to see what the kids learned and enjoyed. They wrote about their favourite dances and costumes and what they enjoyed most. I was able to sit by some students who were very excited and also go to go on stage it was awesome to see their excitement! It was very useful to see a different type of school day and to see how that functions!


Science Lesson! Week 5

This week I was able to teach a science lesson, and I was a little bit nervous for this lesson. I taught a lesson on animals. I brainstormed with the students different animals, and their body parts and what they are used for. I then went through a book with pictures and images for the students to look at. I then had the students cut and paste different animal qualities under certain categories. When students completed that task they were able to play a game, which was good way of assessing their learning. Overall I thought my lesson went pretty smoothly. I definitely learned a lot about classroom management, and certain strategies that work with my group of learners. Every week I learn more about my classroom, and more about myself as teacher.

My First Solo Lesson!

On Wednesday I taught my first lesson all by myself! I was very nervous to say the least.. Overall I felt like the lesson went pretty good. After having my post-conference I saw areas I could improve on such as giving more examples and further explanation. For my first lesson I did a lesson on Religion. The lesson was about how God still love us when we sin, and it was about forgiveness. I had students colour hearts with sticky notes on them. They could write on the sticky notes when they might have sinned or someone might have hurt them. Once they forgave themselves or someone else they could rip off the sticky note as a sign of forgiveness. Overall I felt the lesson ran pretty smoothly and the students reacted well to it. I would say my first lesson went as well as it could have!

First Lesson!

On Wednesday I had my second day in the field, and this time I got to co-teach a lesson. For the first time ever teaching a lesson to real students I thought it went alright. At times it felt like a bit of a gong show, because every child will react to doing role-play differently. I know for students who are shy they were not having any of it, and I understand that because I am that student myself. What I had to realize is that even though students might not want to role play in front of the class, it doesn’t mean they aren’t learning.  I also learned that when teaching it is a lot about being flexible, and adapting your lesson. We had our entire lesson planned out, and mid way through we changed parts of it to make it work better. I think lesson planning and teaching is a lot of trial and error and figuring out what works. Overall I think last week went as well as it could have  went, but I am super nervous to teach a lesson alone next Wednesday! W

Wish me luck! x

First Day in the Field!

Today was exciting, to finally get to head out to our placements, and see the classrooms which we were assigned. There was a lot over nerves and excitement but overall it was a great day. I was placed in a split 2/3 class. The classroom layout is much different than I have ever experienced, and it was awesome. The classroom teacher is very much so about flexible seating, and it is evident it works really well. The students have no assigned desks, and this creates for a very unique environment. The students sit either on the floor, bean bags, laundry baskets, rocking chairs, rolling stools, or standing. This is an awesome way to keep kids from getting fidgety and helps to keep them focused. This classroom has a very diverse group of learners, with their abilities ranging significantly, and it was very useful to see how the classroom teacher managed that. The use of technology in the classroom was very relevant and useful. The kids were using tablets to do mathletics, and reading. These are some tools that I will definitely be incorporating into my  future classroom. We did an introductory activity with our class, and it went over very well. We had the kids write on postcards a bit about themselves, and they could decorate them and draw pictures on them as well. The kids really seemed to enjoy it, and this will help us to learn more about the kids we are teaching and build a stronger relationship. Overall the first day was awesome, there were challenges but I am excited for this experience!

Learning, growing, reflecting..

Unfortunately I was unable to attend Treaty Ed Camp this weekend, due to work. I thought I would share my thoughts about the two workshop days we had last week. I learnt so much by listening to the elders and their stories. I am so incredibly grateful they were able to share their wisdom and advice. One message that strongly resonated with me was that “People can’t hate people”. So  often in our world we our stubborn, we hold grudges and don’t let go of pain and suffering. I know I am guilty of that, as I am sure many of you are as well. But by holding on to hate and hating one another, nothing good comes from it. We can really make a difference with how we treat one another, with kindness, love, and positivity. By being genuine, and kind that is how the world will be a better place. If we stop judging people and actually start to get to know them. By giving people chances, and embracing things that may be unfamiliar, that is when change will happen. The messages we got from the elder’s can be taken in so many different ways, and I feel it is so important we use their messages in our teaching careers.


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ECS 301

I am super excited about this semester, and excited to be in the classroom soon. I am still trying to improve on my blogging skills, and making my blog look nicer. I also am still trying to figure out this category thing, so hopefully this works. Here’s to an awesome semester!