The Last Day!

I cannot believe we had our final day in the field for this semester. Over the course of this semester I have learned so much about being in the classroom. I never thought of so many things that go into running a classroom and each week I learn something new. Over the past few weeks I have learned about classroom management and what works and what doesn’t. I have learned about the ups and downs of lesson planning and using the curriculum. There is a countless number of things I have learned, and I have improved significantly as an educator since my first week in the classroom. The most important thing I got from this placement was relationships. I made so many relationships with the students and got to know them and they were excited when I was teaching. When I taught the grade two’s math last week, the grade three’s were wondering “Miss K , aren’t you teaching us today?”. Hearing comments like that make it so enjoyable and rewarding, and it instills in me that I am in the right field. On my final day I decided to do an art lesson because I thought it would be fun and I had never taught one before. I decided to do watercolor with the students and they absolutely loved it. So many students told me they were going to give their paintings as Christmas gifts to their parents which made the lesson so much more meaningful. We then finished off the day with cupcakes for the kids and taking a few class photos. ┬áIn my time at the school I have learned so much and also had an amazing experience as well! I cannot wait to go back in March, because I will for sure be missing those little faces!



Week 7!

This week I got to teach a math lesson to the grade twos in my class! This was a rather short lesson as my co-op wanted me to teach number words and doing some activities for assessment. I initially went through the number words from 1-20 on the board and then had various stations for the students to rotate through. I had a puzzled that was matching the numbers with their correct number words to assess what they learned from my lesson. I also had various stations with numbering from greatest to least and vice verse. I also had stations with cards and place values, and the kids could use whiteboard markers on the sheets rather than pencil and paper. I learned a lot from these stations and which ones worked well and which didn’t. My classroom has a vary diverse group of learners so for some the stations worked well and for some I could have had more challenging stations. This week taught me that planning is not planning for one student, it is planning to meet each individual’s students’ needs. Every lesson and activity might need to be adjusted for each child and luckily in some of my activities I was able to do so.

Week 4 in the Classroom!

I cannot believe it has already been four weeks in the classroom, time is flying by. I am really enjoying my time in the classroom and I am learning a lot. This week I taught a health lesson on nutrition. To start off the lesson I played a video for the class, and I found this was a really good way to get the students engaged. The video was short and fast paced and the students were able to pay attention. After the video finished I had the students complete a meal. They had to cut and paste different food items into the correct food groups. The activity went over pretty well, but at times it felt chaotic. After talking to my co-op teacher she assured me that sometimes it can feel like that, especially with a high needs classroom. To wrap up the lesson I had the students separate foods into different buckets. I learned a lot of what I can improve on, but I enjoyed my lesson. Each week I get to know the kids more and I love it. I have a few kids I keep in my pocket, and I love learning more about each student each week. I am excited for next week as I am teaching a science lesson plan about animals!

xx Melissa