Here are a few pictures from my time Pre-Interning in a Grade 2/3 classroom. I had an amazing time in this classroom and learned so much. Here are a few photos of the kids at recess, in the classroom, and doing an art lesson I made up.

Treaty Workshops

We spent two days learning and reflecting on treaties. I was able to gain so much insight and knowledge from many Elders, and have learned of a multitude of resources, and how to incorporate Treaty Ed into the classroom.



This is the school where I volunteered a day at in the summer of 2014, in Varadero Cuba. This is when I first realized the impact of education and its importance. On this day I realized I wanted to become a teacher, and I wanted to make a difference.


EAL Volunteer

These are a few images from my ELNG 200 placement. At this particular school I worked with multiple EAL students and helped them with reading. It was amazing to see such progress with these students, and it was an amazing experience, and it was very rewarding to see the growth within the students.


Work in the Field

Here are a few images from my ECS 100 placement. This experience gave me so much insight into what it is like running a classroom. I have learned so many teaching strategies and concepts that will benefit me in the future.