This is an amazing resource I found out about this year! Mystery Doug sends weekly videos that you can use as bellwork or transition between recess, lunch, or just a break. The videos provide interesting information on topics that kids can get engaged in.

-Go Noodle is an awesome resource which provides many brain breaks and activities which can be used within the classroom and at home. Check it out!

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-Quizalize is an excellent resources which allows the Teacher to make quizzes and games for the students based on what they are learning. This site also allows for the Teacher to see the students’ results and is an awesome form of assessment.

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-Epals is a great way to connect classrooms from around the world. This site allows you to connect and learn from different students and teachers across the world.

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-An obvious one I am sure every teacher knows about, but so handy! This site offers many printables etc. which are free or you can purchase for low prices.


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-Another obvious one I am sure most teachers use, but it is packed with a multitude of resources and creative ideas to use in the classroom.


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-Mathletics is an amazing program for students to do math. It has math in the form of games and activities which students love to do, while also learning.