Lesson Plans / Course Work

Rocks, Minerals, and Erosion

During my internship I taught a unit on rocks, minerals, and erosion and came up with a few good ideas I thought you may like that make the unit more interactive and engaging for students. Here’s a few of my favourites.

1. Interactive Rock Cycle

Using two paper plates and a fastener I had students write down the different steps and stages. Students were able to see the different stage of the rock cycle and used it in future projects.

2. Rock Types

To explain the different rock types to students I brought in visuals they could use to better understand metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous rock. I brought in a layered chocolate bar (mars bar)  to represent sedimentary rock, then I students crush the bar, therefore becoming metamorphic rock (being change be heat/pressure). To represent igneous rock I brought int melted jolly ranchers. To represent lava that has cooled and formed that rock type. I did this before class time, as it would be difficult to do as a class.  If you want a copy of my lesson plan click below.


Take Initiative Project 

For my KHS 139 course two other classmates and I came up with an idea to keep kids active within the classroom, so they do not get restless or irritable. We designed our project to help teachers within the classroom manage students in an easy and affordable way. This project is aimed for students of varying ages and can work with students with cognitive disabilities. We have 3 activities we came up with for students to do.
1) Copy Image- Students will draw a image on a paper then the will attempt to create that image. They can do this solo or with a partner to build relationships. This exercise  practices statics and balances.
2) Spin Roll- Students will roll a ball and knock over water bottles, as a copycat of bowling. They also rotate in a circle prior to doing this. This practices sending and receiving skills, as well as rotations.
3) The third is a dance video, which students mimic someone dancing. The video incorporates locomotions , jumps/landings, statics/ balances.