Weekends… Setbacks.. Struggles

This week I definitely wasn’t as disciplined as I would have liked to be. Weekends are a struggle for me because I get out of routine and and it makes it that much harder to get back on track. This weekend I went to Saskatoon so this weekend consisted of going out to eat, and not on my regular routine. This definitely affected me going in to this week and this is not my best week.. My workouts have been sporadic and my eating has not been great. For next week I am thinking I will repeat workout week 3, and that is A-okay. I think it is important to recognize that sometimes you might have an off week and get off track, but that doesn’t mean all progress is lost. I think you just have to take it with a grain of salt and do better the next day.

This week I had planned to talk about what I eat in a week, meal planning, and meal prepping. I decided to save that for next week’s post, because I found a new app I want to dive into and give you my feedback and opinions. It is hard not to get discouraged when you are not doing as well as you had hoped. I have to remember I am human and not perfect. I can only improve and next week I will do my best.

Sorry this weeks post was short and sweet, I will keep you updated on how next week goes.

Anyone have tips for when you are feeling discouraged?






Twitter Chats…YES!

When I first heard we had to do a twitter chat, I wasn’t too excited about it. I thought I would be bored and basically talking to myself and lose my measly 11 followers..  I was definitely wrong about this! On Tuesday I joined an #edchat that was facilitated by Mark E. Weston. This twitter chat wasn’t as typical as the question 1: answer 1: format I have seen previously.  The topic we were discussing was “How do we go from teacher centered learning to student centered learning?”. I thought it was awesome to have feedback from other educators and also have your thoughts and ideas challenged. These chats are a great way to collaborate with educators from a variety of places and with a variety of backgrounds. I had people responding to my ideas and comments, and it was great to see if people agreed or had other input to give. I kept getting notifications of people replying to me or retweeting me and it felt great considering this twitter of mine has such a slim following. I even was given a shoutout by the facilitator and gained 10 followers so now I am up to 21! Woo hoo!

Overall my opinion on twitter #edchats? I love engaging with other educators through twitter chats. I had fun and actually learned a lot and questioned my own thoughts and ideas. I will definitely be participating in some more twitter chats to continue growing myself as an educator!

What are your thoughts on twitter chats? Let me know!

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Motivation vs. Discipline



Here we are in Week 2 of the workout program, and I find myself learning the difference between being motivated and disciplined. Motivation is a good thing it is what gets you started in something you are trying to achieve or do. To keep something up I learned you need to be disciplined because motivation can come and go. I’ll be honest, this morning I did not have one ounce of motivation to get out of my bed and do a Wednesday arms and abs workout? I mean how much fun does that sound to you? Thankfully I quickly realized I would be tired after class and would not want to do the workout at the end of the day.. So low and behold I got out of bed and did the 30 minute workout and felt good for the day. Was I perfect? Nope. Was I tired? You bet.

What I am learning this week is that you don’t have to be perfect nor should you expect to be. It is all about progress, which takes time and patience. You cannot expect to see changes over night, but in a weeks time I feel a bit stronger. This is not to say one week and yup fitness expert.. No this is simply saying one week can make a difference in how you feel. One week helps you to feel a bit more confident and a bit more prepared for the following week. Next week I’ll be talking the importance of fueling your body with proper foods in order to have energy too keep up with HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts. That is all for now.. Cheers




Feedly.. My thoughts?

Until last week, I had never heard of or used feedly.. EVER. I am still unsure on how I feel about it but I see its benefits but still I feel I can find blogs I enjoy on my own without using that. That being said Feedly allows me to find many blogs with usefuls resources and tips and you can specify and narrow down what you are looking for. I find it useful for not only Education and Teacher blogs but for finding a vast range of bloggers on many different topics.

How I went about finding certain blogs was first searching up things like “education” “teachers” and I found a few but found my results were better when I was more specific in what I was searching. I started searching up specific grades and topics and found blogs I enjoyed more.

One blog I found that I enjoyed is The Teaching Studio. This site provides tons of resources and ideas for tackling difficult math lessons!

The Teaching Studio

My Learning Project

For my learning project I decided to start a new exercise guide, while also joining the online community for support, advice and tips. In doing this I will be able to watch videos to check my form and technique. The program I am doing runs 12 weeks, and hopefully by the end of the program I will improve my overall strength and endurance. Joining an online community will help me stay motivated and connected to a group of people learning just like I am. I am excited to see my progress in this journey and how I can better myself in the online community. I am passionate about doing this and excited to see how I can improve.



My Tech Background!

I really have a love-hate relationship for technology. I love knowing how to use technology and all the cool features it allows us to do. What I hate is when there is problems with technology or if I do not know how to do something. I find it frustrating and hard to keep up with technology, and my problem is  I want to know how to do it all. I would say I am fairly decent with technology and learning new things, but compared to some people I would definitely be considered very amateur. I am excited to see what I can learn from this course about blogging and hopefully any other cool information about technology!



The Last Day!

I cannot believe we had our final day in the field for this semester. Over the course of this semester I have learned so much about being in the classroom. I never thought of so many things that go into running a classroom and each week I learn something new. Over the past few weeks I have learned about classroom management and what works and what doesn’t. I have learned about the ups and downs of lesson planning and using the curriculum. There is a countless number of things I have learned, and I have improved significantly as an educator since my first week in the classroom. The most important thing I got from this placement was relationships. I made so many relationships with the students and got to know them and they were excited when I was teaching. When I taught the grade two’s math last week, the grade three’s were wondering “Miss K , aren’t you teaching us today?”. Hearing comments like that make it so enjoyable and rewarding, and it instills in me that I am in the right field. On my final day I decided to do an art lesson because I thought it would be fun and I had never taught one before. I decided to do watercolor with the students and they absolutely loved it. So many students told me they were going to give their paintings as Christmas gifts to their parents which made the lesson so much more meaningful. We then finished off the day with cupcakes for the kids and taking a few class photos.  In my time at the school I have learned so much and also had an amazing experience as well! I cannot wait to go back in March, because I will for sure be missing those little faces!